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Welcome To Dunston Pillar Farm Home of Rest for Horses Call 01522 720972


Dunston Pillar Farm Home of Rest for Horses. 

The perfect place for your old friend to rest and enjoy being a horse. 

Dunston Heath Lane (Just off the A15) Lincoln LN4 2AR

01522 720972


horse-eating-grassGive your horse the retirement they deserve.

  1. Here at Dunston Pillar Farm, we love each one of our equine guests for being the individual character they are.
  2. We treasure them, just like you do.

We provide the best care on our beautiful grass park land. There is ample natural shelter and automatic water stations. Each horse receives daily care, tailored for their individual needs. Stables are available when needed. Vet and farrier visits are taken care of. We routinely provide regular grooming and health checks. (We can chart progress or decline to help you make decisions) We have plenty of grass for the poor doer, or diet paddocks for the chubbies.

You will recieve regular updates and photos of your friend and owners are welcome to visit at anytime. No notice is required.

We love you to drop in and visit anytime!


  • Full retirement care packages start from only £42 per week.
  • Call for a chat about your horses requirements on 01522 720972  

 Jack in field